Rennes (35200)


béton caverne

Béton Caverne is an association, a non-profit organization, focused on contemporary arts, created in 2014 and supported by artists and professionals in the fields of culture and education. The association, based in Rennes, aims to support, through production and distribution, emerging artistic creation sensitive to a certain formal economy and means, sensitive to the handmade.


Its activities evolve to the rhythm of a prospective & joint programming, representative of diversity and echoing artistically ethical, political, ecological, societal questions… Its activities are declined to the rhythm of artist residencies, time exhibitions and editions. The association offers artists exhibition curating as well as technical and logistical support.


A wide range of cultural actions punctuates its activities; meetings-mediations, workshops and individual and collective practice workshops for all audiences. It is in this sense that Béton Caverne works in a dynamic favoring cooperation and that the association works in partnership with the social-cultural & educational actors of the territory, in order to develop openness to art and its practice via local actions, in rural areas and in the Blosne district where the association is based.


Béton Caverne is supported by the city of Rennes and partner of the European School of Art of Brittany – EESAB.