Bégard (22140)


La Tannerie

Built in 1927, La Tannerie is a building that has been designed to be crossed by air and light.


Rehabilitated and open to the public since 2012, La Tannerie has now become a landmark in the cultural landscape of the Côtes d’Armor. It proposes a transversal and singular look between the practices: Contemporary Art, Design and Space in the broad sense.


By a selection of demanding exhibitions, but without elitism, it takes the bet of certain slowness. Give yourself time for intuition, give yourself time to share, understand and savor ideas and projects. It is naturally also a place where projects are defined, produced and built.


La Tannerie is now dedicated to the encounters between Contemporary Art, Design and projects on Space. The low level – exhibition space open to the public – offers 200m2 bathed in natural light and surrounded by a garden.


Since 2012, the exhibition programming is managed by curators of ADER (Art Design Espace Roudour) association. We have already welcomed more than 40 artists and authors. Its role is also to accompany artists in their career, collectors and amateurs in their choices. It is also to advise communities or companies in their cultural and artistic projects.


The association receives support from the city of Bégard, the General Council of Côtes d’Armor and the Brittany region. La Tannerie signed into a. c. b. association (Contemporary Art in Brittany).


The first floor is also a welcoming place. Private studio during the year, it moves to a shared place during the setting of our exhibitions. It is made available to welcome artists and authors, for research, experimentation and productions.


Some artists have already come to produce and exchange in short residences. An independent housing is, according to our programs, offered for summer stays to the members of the association or the exposed artists.


La Tannerie – Bégard 22 140

Exposition Dans Dedans – 2017

Résidences à l’Atelier

  1. You will find the entrance by the garden, down the road.
  2. Exhibition vue “Dans – Dedans” – Collection Quasar – 2017
  3. Studio vue – “Table à desseins” 2013 – Pierre Di Sciullo, Amélie de Beauffort and François Seigneur.




  • Free acess


  • Exhibitions agenda on our website


  • Seasonal exhibitions – See dates and details on our agenda
  • Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm


  • Access for disabled people, please consult us beforehand, thank you.