Brest (29200)



A real architectural trasure of the 1940s, The Comœdia aims to promote artists of contemporary art, painters, visual artists, and sculptors, recognized or emerging, by exhibiting and offering their works for sale. The Comœdia has been a mlythical place for the people of Brest. First a theatre, then a cinema, it evolved to become an Art Gallery in 2019. Located downtown, in the cultural district of Brest, The Comœdia is positionned as the first contemporary art exhibition and sale gallery of the city. It has a strong capacity to welcome and to spread the work of artists and promotes excellence. For its reopening in March 2019, the site welcomed more than 5.000 visitors. With three exhibits per year on a surface of 4300 sq ft, Yhe Comœdia promotes artists who make today’s art and invent tomorrow’s. The diversity of artworks proposed during the temporary exhibitions allows the developpement of many styles : abstraction, figuration, Street-Art…The gallery somes alive during the exhibitions with pubctual events related to the theme exposed. The Comœdia makes sure to be objective about the work of the artist. The Selection Committee is independant from the management of the gallery and composed of art lovers, passionate and experienced collectors. The artistic line, determinated by the Committee, allows the artworks of sculptors, painters, ceramists, and visual artists, to be highlighted in a singular and majestic place where they can meet their admirers and collectors.




  • Espace d’Art le Comœdia 35 rue du Château 29200 BREST – FRANCE
  • Tél : +33 (0)2 98 20 88 92
  • Port : +33 (0)7 68 10 06 25
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