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Lendroit éditions

Lendroit éditions explores editorial experimentation in order ti produce singular works with singular artists.

In the context of collections or specific projects, we work with artiste who experiment and create artwork in multiple formats with printing methods adapted to their projects.

We offer uncompromisong art prints, works that are also financially accessible.

Lendroit éditions is a publishing house dedicated to art, artiste and paper.

Since 2003, we organize between 4 to 6 exhibitions a year at Lendroit éditions and other places.For both collective and solo exhibtions, the exhibition space exclusively hosts artiste whose practice is also a reflection of publishing and print.

The shows exhibit contemporary artistic and editorial practices, favoring singular and multifaceted work. The exhibition space exists in tandem with the bookshop and print productions.

Lendroit éditions alson offers a bookshop dedicated to selection of books, multiple printed originals and reproductions produced by domestic and international publishers.

Our selection favors anbitious and innovative publications and proposes an array of publishers and artists  who demonstrate the dynamic and creativity of artistic editions today.

Lendroit éditions is positioned as a resource instead of though a private library provision professionals, artists, student and hobbyists for consultation.




1. Lendroit éditions,Come in we’re Open, Opening night, 27/09/2014.

2. Lendroit éditions,Souvenirs from Europe, Ghost éditions, exhibition from 07 May to 13 April 2015.



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