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Rencontres publiques – Concertation

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Study on the the activity of visual artists in Brittany

The contemporary art network in Brittany, launches in February 2019 a study on the activity of visual artists in Brittany.

This study, conducted by the Amac agency, is the first conducted in the region and will, beyond the realization of an inventory, identify by objective data the brakes and opportunities related to the activity of artists in Brittany. For the improvement of their conditions of professional practice in Brittany, the study will be feed collectively and jointly with the actors concerned.

It also aims to complete the data on the professional landscape of visual arts in the region following the “Panorama of contemporary art in Brittany” conducted in 2016 by a.c.b.


  • Public restitutions of the study will be organized on the territory before the summer of 2019 and the publication of the final report is scheduled for autumn

POST ON 01.04.19

Diary n°34 / Spring-Summer 2019

The new contemporary art diary in Brittany has just been released!

Find all the artistic programs of the 50 member structures of a.c.b for the spring-summer 2019 period. 

You can now download it in its digital version by clicking on the link below.

This agenda is also published and available free of charge in all A.C.B. member places as well as in cultural and tourist sites throughout the region. 
If so, do not hesitate to ask us!

We hope that he will accompany you on your cultural walks until September!

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Professional information cycle