a.c.b is evolving: a renewed network for all contemporary art professionals

On April 6th, a.c.b’s member structures unanimously voted for the network’s new associative project during their extraordinary general assembly.
An “a.c.b version 2” will soon be born.
But in what form? !

  • a.c.b becomes a network representative of all the actors of the contemporary art in Brittany with the opening of the memberships to the artists, curators, art critics, managers and all the independent ones of the sector but also students in art but also the employees and job seekers engaged in the ecosystem.
  • a.c.b develops a balanced and shared governance to represent all the professions but also a different functioning to carry out new missions articulated around thematic, transversal and federative projects
  • a.c.b has a charter of values and commitments to create a common base and improve professional practices.
    A vademecum in appendix will bring recommendations and concrete elements for harmonious working relations for each typology of members (structures, artists and professionals and actors of the art).

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In the continuity of the collaborative approach led within the framework of the SODAVI device – Scheme of orientation and development of the visual arts, the network a.c.b acted its refoundation in order to federate the whole of the professionals of the contemporary art of the region and to structure devices of resource, accompaniment, council and professional training.


Covid-19 ● Devices, resources … 

We organize ourselves collectively to create resources and try to accompany structures, teams and independent professionals in their daily life. 

You will also find in this section, job offers / internships etc. as well as current calls for projects and applications. 

Summary of this resource area (in french only)


  • Covid-19 ● General information
  • Covid-19 ● Impact surveys
  • Covid-19 ● Support Measures and Assistance Funds
  • Covid-19 ● Deconfinement and business resumption
  • Covid-19 ● Social aspects and work organization
  • Press review and useful links
  • Job and internship offers
  • Calls for projects from network members
  • Calls for projects and institutional arrangements
  • Calls for Proposals – Summer 2020
  • Studies and Reports
  • Trainings
  • Directory and useful links

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Reportage vidéo ● “Récits de projets” – Des résidences d’artistes en milieu scolaire

Démarche de diagnostic et de concertation – SODAVI 2019-2020

2è session de rencontres publiques, Le Volume, Vern-sur-Seiche (35), 12 décembre 2019. © a.c.b – art contemporain en Bretagne