The contemporary art network in Brittany is aimed at professional structures, public and private, non-profit or commercial, intervening, -in whole or in part- for more than 2 years- in the visual arts sector: museums, FRAC, art libraries, art centres, cultural centres, higher art schools, territorial schools of plastic art, associative or private galleries, events, places of residence, artist run space, research centres, publishers, cultural equipment…

Adherent active members are necessarily legal entities. To be an active member, you must meet the following criteria, the first of which is decisive :

  • Conducting an artistic and cultural project for 2 years in the field of contemporary art with delegated budget management: directors, programmers, or curators represent member legal entities or local authorities and implement the project.
  • Conduct a mediation policy and a real work towards the public.
  • Welcome artists in respectful and professional conditions.

To join the network, it is necessary to meet the above criteria and to make a detailed and reasoned written request.

Each member pays an annual membership fee calculated on the basis of the annual budget allocated to the structure’s contemporary art activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Next membership application review committee : January 2021